About The Club

The Wombats are made up of Aussies, Poms, Kiwis, Singaporeans, Vietnamese, Rooster, Dutch, German and many other nationalities who have an interest in, or have previously played football. Between the 60 or so guys that are involved as players we have some Ex Professional players, some very highly skilled Amateur and semi professional players all the way to totally new to our game.

At the Wombats we can guarantee a couple of things:

  • you will not be the most unfit
  • you will not be the least skilled
  • you will have a great time
  • if its your first ever training session for Aussie Rules, or you havent trained for a while, you will have a couple of other blokes around you making the same excuses

We can also promise this:

  • A good standard of coaching and skill development
  • A great standard of football come game day
  • You will learn basic game plans and structures
  • A chance to play for the much sought after Asian Championship Cup.


Training is open to ages 16 and above (with some guys 50+) and is designed to improve your fitness whilst not being too difficult. Players are welcome to complete as little or as much as they wish of the session. We focus on lots of match related drills, with plenty of touches of the footy. Whenever possible we hold a mini game at the end of training (Touch Footy or Full Contact).

Length: 60-90min

Fitness Level Required: Any

Break out Groups for new players to learn basic skills: Yes

Bring: Water, Boots, Runners, Mouthguard and some money for a Beer after training.


The Singapore Wombats play a range of other countries and also Intra Club games. Whilst our games are based on the idea of social footy, there is a great amount of pride in winning a game of football against another country in the Asian Football League. We give all players game time based on attendance at training etc and whilst we play to win, we also like to give everyone a go and enjoy the match as much as possible.

Each year apart from normal tours, we compete for the Manilla Cup and the Asian Championships. These are extremely fun (and exhausting carnivals). We encourage players to work on their fitness outside off training to ensure they are able to play 2-3 or 4 mini games in a single day.


Our tours can be anywhere from Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila or Hong Kong to Phnom Penh, Laos, Ho Chi Minh City or other. Tours are usually a weekend or long weekend with team flights, bus transfers and team accommodation. They will involve a game and an after-match function, a look around the night life (if you still have the energy) and sometimes some charitable work such as our football clinics and support we provide to the Gentle Hands orphanage in Manila ( http://gentlehandsinc.org/ ). Some guys rest up the night before games, others will go out for a look around and a quiet beer. Apart from the Game and after-match function, the rest of the time is up to you to spend how you wish (but we like to stick together!)


If you are new to Singapore or looking to meet a few people, the Wombats is the club for you. We have a heap of social nights, a watering hole at Mogambos in Boat Quay and some fantastic events and activities.

Social (Non Playing) members are more than welcome. We have a large number of past players, or guys who due to injury or age are no longer able to play come down and get involved in some capacity, it is after all the home for Australian Football lovers in Singapore. We have a larger number of guys involved in Horse Racing and Horse Ownership, Cycling, Fitness and Social Golf so once you're down at the club, you will meet people who you can then join for other activities.

We Invite you to come down and meet us, in whatever capacity you wish to be part of a club with 20 plus years of history in supporting and building networks for footy loving Expats and Locals in Singapore.