• Dallas Restaurant & Bar

    For the 2018 season Dallas Restaurant and Bar, and their 3 locations including Boat Quay, Suntec and MBS will be the bars of choice for the Wombats. Dallas has been described as a contemporary bar/bistro experience in the heart of Singapore and is home to quite possibly the best chicken parmi in Singapore!

    A popular hangout for Singaporeans, expatriates and tourists, Dallas is the perfect choice if you fancy a mouthwatering lunch, a delectable dinner or casual after-work drinks. Dallas offers an irresistible variety of culinary delights,a full bar and a great selection of fine wines.

    Dallas is the perfect venue for corporate event, private parties or live sports screening,
    we have an experienced events team in place and a range of competitive packages that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

    By downloading the Meemoz app and selecting the Wombats loyalty card membership, you will receive special prices and discounts on food and beverage at all 3 Dallas locations.

  • 6 Drunk Men / Peroni Leggera

    6 Drunk Men have been helping keep the Wombats hydrated for as many years as anyone can remember. As a leading distributor of premium, beer, wine and spirits in Singapore, 6DM have all your party needs covered.

    As a Wombat you'll be entitled to special discounts on purchases when you mention you're a Wombat when you make a home delivery order.

  • F45 Training Tiong Bahru

    F45 Training is the new training technique leaving competition and clients gasping for air. F45 is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world. Come and train like the stars at F45 Training. As a Wombat you and your partner are entitled to discounted memberships.

  • LRF Sport

    In 2015 LRF Sport Pty Ltd was born from opportunity, a locally based business that is driven on pride and passion within the sporting apparel industry.

    Our aim is to provide high quality performance garments and service to local sports clubs, leagues, schools, charities & events, and sporting organisations across Australia.

    We will focus heavily on suiting client's needs by building terrific rapport with our customers and producing A grade garments for them.

    We have recently signed a number of large apparel partnerships with some terrific organisations and we aim to continue building many more into the future.

  • Red Dot Rehab

    Red Dot Rehab Physiotherapy was started in Singapore by Kat MacFarlane having been apart of the club now for a number of years, Kat has realised the lack of physiotherapists specialising in treating people at home and work throughout Singapore therefore providing the convenience that people need in their busy lives.

    Kat has a team of local, international, male and female physiotherapists speaking different languages covering all Singapore locations.

    Our physios are able to provide all the usual clinic equipment to you at your home and work. Our service removes the following hassles of going to a clinic:

  • Ryan's Grocery

    Our story is a simple one. Upon learning of our son's intolerance to dairy products, gluten, nuts, soy, egg and yeast, we went around searching for suitable quality food for him. Sounds simple, but not quite. Along the way, we met people on paleo diet, raw diet, low sugar diet, gluten-free diet and many others with no diet, who simply want good quality natural food.

    We spent several years searching beyond the local markets, we made numerous trips to Australia to personally sourced for organic meats and gluten free products. We tasted their spray free, organic produce and we had an epiphany! Fresh veggies actually tastes good! So do raw honey, spray free macadamia nuts, goats cheese, hand churned butter, even hand made gluten free pastas, relishes and pickles!

    Then we met Chris, he was a chef who found the best quality grass fed, natural herd organic beef from Blackwood Valley and decided to share it with his friends and family. Chris taught us to season the steak with just salt and pepper, and pan fry it. So beef can taste so flavoursome and buttery!

    It was here that they developed relationships with several small batch specialised producers in Western Australia, what started out as a hunt for tasty food that the whole family could share, soon became a business.

    Working with a food importing company with AVA license, approved and superb facilities, we decided to put the parties together.

    We met Warren from Blackwood Valley and told him about our plans, and he jumped on board, but only if we agree to sell his best meats, and commit to presenting their best to you. Same went for Colemena Honey, Latasha's Kitchen, Wambym Organic Farm, Greenacres Macadamia, Heath Nut and many more!

    That brings us to Ryan's Grocery.

  • World First

    International currency transfers

    - Better exchange rates and personalised service for individuals

    - Low fees, tailored product solutions and secure transfers for businesses

    - Receiving accounts for online marketplace sellers